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Luxury Inserts

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inserts for every occasion

Our “standard” inserts are far from standard - we use the finest 120gsm writing paper, in a rainbow of colours, chosen for its luxury feel, ease of use and quality look.

We also offer Tomoe River notebooks, for those looking to use fountain pens, or simply a slimmer journal.

Our funky selection of novelty papers include Elephant Poo Paper (you know what it’s made of) and Petal Paper.

For you Artists, we have two types of high quality, professional-grade Watercolour Papers; 350gsm and 220gsm.

Hand Made

in the UK

All our leather and paper goods are made right here in the United Kingdom, by our expert artisans very own hands.

We are robot free, all our workers are real life humans fuelled by tea and good old British stubbornness.

Traveler’s Notebooks

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Luxury Italian Leather Traveler’s Notebooks

Luxury Italian Leather Traveler’s Notebooks